145 & 147 Wellington St West – Appealed

Residents may recall the planning application for 145 & 147 Wellington St West which came before Council in April for the final decision in a 2 year process.

Regrettably, no decision was made. Despite the votes happening literally minutes apart, in the same meeting, both the motion to approve and the motion to deny the application failed. Coincidentally, both motions failed with 3 in favour and 4 opposed

Not surprising, Starlight Investments has filed an appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal – LPAT (formerly the OMB) on the basis of Council’s inability to make a decision regarding its planning application.

At the time I urged Council to make a decision, because failure to do so would likely lead to the Starlight Investments appealing to LPAT and Council would no longer have the ability to influence an important community planning decision — which is exactly what has happened. Now LPAT will make the decision on whether to approve the application – and what version of the application – or not.

Plus, taxpayers will pay for costs that come with an appeal where the best-case outcome will be approval of the exact same proposal that was before council in April.

I will ask staff to report on all costs associated with the appeal as I believe residents have a right to know the price of a failure to make a decision.

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2 Responses

  1. The application was a joke , there is no space for 50 something townhouse there . Wake up council , thanks Tom for sharing this .

  2. I don’t see any mention re discussion or voting on the Starlight Investments proposal in the minutes for the April 2020 meeting. Should this not be part of the public record?

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