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The Federal government has just announced that they are pledging 595 million in federal funding for Barrie GO line corridor improvements… While this is good news, it’s good news with a bit of an asterisk. It is election time and I am concerned about whether this is a real announcement or is it just an election promise that never materializes. My concerns are shared by many. Especially in light of the fact that while the Feds have made this announcement to provide much needed funding to the Barrie line, the Provincial Government just recently announced that they are pausing on the Mulock GO station to take a “development driven approach” that would look at having the development community fund any new station.

Relief on the Barrie line is urgently needed. In the past year alone, the Aurora GO station has seen its ridership go up by 30.5% – the highest of all stations on the Barrie Line. With the real possibility that the Mulock station may never get built, parking needs at the Aurora Go Station will be of the upmost priority. As Prime Minister Trudeau said, when speaking to the proposed federal funding for the Barrie line, “It’s frustrating to be crammed into an already full train or miss your ride because you can’t find a spot to park.” It was if he was speaking directly about the reality that our residents deal with on a daily basis!

I will be speaking with Metrolinx in addition to our MP’s to ensure that, given the explosive growth in ridership at the Aurora GO station, Aurora becomes a priority and that the announced funding will be used to help resolve the parking problem in Aurora because the status quo is unacceptable….

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  1. what’s another $595 million when you’ve already got an $18 billon deficit? it’s called “buying the election”, with our money.

  2. Speaking of parking space at our GO station:

    1. What’s with 50% of the spaces now ‘sold’ to commuters?
    2. Are those ‘sold’ spaces to Aurorans? Or to non-residents too? That would be criminal!

    It’s aggravating to find a good number of the ‘reserved’ spaces vacant half the time! Our station is far more convenient than several north of us, so I expect much of the lots are taken-up by non-Aurorans.

    In all cases the Aurora GO station desperately needs more parking. The place is full after 7:00am…with half those ‘reserved’ spaces still vacant that is!!

  3. The easiest soluntion is to let commuters park in Town’s park until Bloomington go station opens next year. A lot of empty parking spaces in the park saving for ghost parking in winter. Mayor has done nothing except this post.

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