Aurora’s Economic Growth

Over the past 4 years, this Council, under my leadership, has moved forward a number of key projects and initiatives that continue to grow our economic base which has shown real dividends!

Aurora is already home to powerhouse corporations such as Desjardins Insurance, Magna International, Bulk Barn, PreGel, Kirchhoff Automotive, Genpak LP and others.

But this term we are proud to welcome 5 new Companies to our Business Parks!

  • Kovatera: A manufacturer of specialty mining vehicles, opened a R&D facility to focus on the development of electric vehicle powertrain and autonomous vehicle systems.
  • Megalabs: An accredited engineering testing and validation facility that serves a variety of industries including automotive. They have constructed a 37,000 sq. ft. testing facility, including a special 10x10m electromagnetic chamber (one of only a few in Canada).
  • EBARA: A Canadian subsidiary of Japanese owned EBARA Corporation that manufactures industrial pumps.
  • Bosda: An aftermarket Automotive parts manufacturer (wheel hub assemblies).
  • Fruit City Terminal: A fruit and vegetable wholesaler constructed a 70,000 sq. ft. facility which will become the food terminal of the GTA north!!

A strong business base is critical for the long-term health of a community. New businesses, bring new jobs to our local economy and also bring tax dollars which help alleviate the burden on our residents without putting pressure on services like ice rinks or swimming pools.

This is great news for our Town, but economic growth and development isn’t just about bringing in new business, we must support existing businesses as well. Throughout this term, we have engaged with local business owners to better understand their needs – what works, what doesn’t work, and what can we do better.

While governments can’t create jobs, local government can and must create an environment that enables businesses to grow and thrive. This past term, we have worked hard to ensure Aurora fosters an environment that supports our existing businesses and is attractive to new businesses. We must support businesses so all can achieve their potential. By doing so, we will continue to build Aurora’s reputation as a business leader in the GTHA.

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