Bill 66 – “Open for Business” ???

There has been a great deal of discussion and concern surrounding the recently proposed Provincial Bill 66. As I stated at the General Committee meeting, I am greatly concerned about the implications of the new “open for business” legislation, in particular as it speaks to potential impacts to the integrity of the Greenbelt. I personally would not be in favour of entering discussions with the Province regarding the potential removal of any town lands that are currently protected areas and would oppose any such move.

Our Official Plan reflects our community’s collective vision for current and future planning. And as such, the OP clearly designates land that is protected.  It also provides clearly designated land to meet future employment land needs in the long term.   We have no need to “discuss” the option of removing designated land from protected areas. 

Aurora is about smart growth and appropriate development within our community and there is nothing smart about allowing development to occur on protected lands in Aurora. 

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  1. I am glad to learn that you are determined to follow through the
    Official Plan for Aurora, however I do think that you, along with all the other Mayors in York region and beyond, should make if very clear to the Provincial government, that Bill 66 is absolutely wrong and if it is allowed to pass it would be an act of gross negligence.
    33 Hutt Crescent

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