Construction Noise

Hi everyone, I have received many emails about the construction around the town from single infill projects to bigger subdivision developments such as the Highland gate area. The question I get most often is why construction work is being allowed as early as 6am in the morning and even working on weekends. While I share residents concerns about the impact construction noise has on day to day living, I think it is important for everyone to know that the municipality has very little say in whether or when construction can take place.  This is due to the fact that on April 7, 2020, the Province passed two regulations that temporarily suspend construction related noise by-laws across Ontario. The regulations permit construction noise between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm daily and is in force until October 2021.  I think we can all agree that we, as a municipality,  should be able to limit construction noise during certain hours and days as per our municipal bylaws; unfortunately, with these regulations in place,  this is something that we can’t do.  The Provincial regulations specifically bar municipalities from prohibiting or even regulating  construction related noise. And until the Province lifts these regulations, the Town’s bylaw in regard to construction noise and hours cannot be enforced. I have brought this to the attention of the province – in particular the impacts this has on the quality of life for our residents. I am hoping the Province will rethink the regulations and  allow municipalities once again to enforce their existing construction noise bylaws.

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