Council Reduced from 8 to 6 for 2018

In support of a motion put forward by Councillor Humfryes, Council has moved forward with reducing the size of Council from 8 Councillors to 6 Councillors. When the idea of reducing council was floated at the beginning of this term, I wasn’t sold on the idea. As a new councillor I didn’t think I had enough information or experience to vote in favour of changing how many Councillors we have in Aurora. However, after 3 years of being on Council, I have had the opportunity to meet with and speak to elected officials from across the province and learn how other municipalities govern. I now have a better perspective on what could and would be a more effective and efficient way for Council to provide a better quality of municipal government for the residents of Aurora.

There are many municipalities that are much larger than Aurora, that have a council of a 6 Councillors and a Mayor – Pickering, Ajax, and Burlington to name just a few. In reducing the number from 8 to 6, I believe this will also take the first step towards moving to a ward system – which the Governance Review Committee has recommended that the next Council (2018-2022) consider moving towards. And as I said at the table, regardless of what the next Council decides to do.. Wards or not, this will lead to a more efficient, effective and accountable Council. The motion to reduce Council from 8 Councillors to 6 Councillors passed on a vote of 6-2 vote (Councillor Thom and Gaertner opposed – Mayor Dawe was absent)…

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