Council Update – April 10, 2018

This week at Council we discussed “power of entry” – again ! – for what I believe to be the last time for at least one year. What has been proposed will be re-evaluated in one year’s time.

Since I put forward this motion last year, Council has had before it several different reports that sought to address my main concern – the need for the development of a better process as it speaks to when and how Bylaw can enter onto private property. I have always maintained that Bylaw should require a warrant to enter onto someone’s private property when there is no consent or if there is no response from the property owner to a request for entry.

And , finally, this is the process that was in front of Council as the new Standard Operating Procedure(s) in the Town of Aurora. A warrant will be needed where there is no consent to enter; however, it should be noted that Staff will still be able to exercise the ‘power of entry” where there is a risk to health and/or safety, a risk of damaging adjacent properties, a risk of destruction of property, and a risk of damage to the environment.

This is a great step forward for our Town. The new SOP will ensure that valid complaints of a serious nature are being addressed while at the same time respecting property owners/occupant’s rights. The new SOP was approved 7-1 (Councillor Pirri opposed and Councillor Abel did not vote on the matter as he was absent) #GettingThingsDone

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