Council Update – April 24, 2018

Council’s agenda was light this week and did not generate much discussion. One agenda item that did generate a bit of discussion however was in regards to a minor change to the Hydro Funds Bylaw as some members were not clear about what the impact of the proposed change to the Bylaw would be. Currently, the Hydro Fund Bylaw has a restrictive voting rule. The rule requires ALL members of Council to be present in order for a vote to take place. The impact of the restrictive voting rule is that it could, in effect, give one member veto power over any vote from taking place by just not showing up or by leaving the table during the vote. The recommendation to Council was to remove that provision and instead replace it with the requirement of a two thirds majority of the members of Council on any vote.

What this means then is that, with Council being 9 members and two thirds is 6 votes, regardless of how many members are present there would need to be 6 votes in favour for a vote to proceed. Looking at it another way, while quorum is currently 5 members of Council, if only 5 members are present for a vote, the meeting can proceed but the vote cannot because a vote requires 2/3 of the members of council, not just 2/3 of members present. With that explanation provided, the ByLaw was amended with a unanimous vote… As was said at the table, while Council is looking at many significant projects to fund in the near future, amending the Bylaw does not mean that the Hydro Funds will be used, it just provides more options when Council looks at funding sources.

I also wanted to mention that under New Business, I noted that the Executive Director of the Aurora Sports Hall of Fame, Nancy Black, will be stepping down. I wanted to take a moment to thank Nancy for all her hard work that she has put into making the Hall of Fame what it is today. While all the volunteers have done a tremendous job building the Hall of Fame, I believe that Nancy deserves special thanks because if it wasn’t for Nancy, and her spirit of going above and beyond, the Hall of Fame would not be the great place it is!! So thank you Nancy for all you have done for the Hall of Fame and for Aurora! We will miss you!!

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