Council Update – November 14, 2017

Last night at Council we ratified the recommendation from General Committee in regards to the Christmas Market. This is wonderful news! While I would have liked to see a full market happen at Library sq this year, I agree with staff that it was going to be difficult to create a full event within the limited amount of time available. Staff mentioned that with just a few weeks to go before the event, in addition to several logistical challenges, it would be difficult to get vendors in such a short time as most are already booked for other events. So, the compromise for this year is to have staff create a “sneak peak preview” of the Christmas market at this year’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at Town Hall on December 6th. This will give residents a look at what we could have next year at Library Square while at the same time providing an enhanced Christmas Tree lighting event. Council also approved that the Christmas Market be added to the 2018 budget for consideration for next year.

Both the motion for the “sneak peak preview” as well as adding the Christmas Market to the 2018 budget considerations were passed unanimously. I am looking forward to the preview! And I am also looking forward to a wonderful event next year – in the heart of downtown Aurora – Library Square!!

I hope to see everyone at the Town Hall on December 6th for the Christmas Market preview and the annual Christmas Tree lighting!!

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