Council Update – November 28, 2017

This week at Council, members were presented with the architectural concept for the redevelopment of The Armoury. Staff have been working with GOW Hastings Architects to complete the design for the restoration of the property. The intent of the design was to produce a multi-purpose facility that could be repurposed quickly and efficiently… The design included a classroom/meeting space with limited office/administration (northern side of the building), roughly 3600 sqft for event/reception/multi-purpose space with a small demonstration area (central area in the building); and roughly 1600 sqft of a small teaching kitchen/demonstration area (southern side of the building).

The Concept presented to Council showed a design that will bring the Armoury back to its original look; while making some adjustments to the building itself – including an addition to the structure – the overall look and heritage aspects of the building will be preserved.

Council have been working with a post-secondary partner on a potential business incubator and post-secondary facility in the renovated Aurora Armoury, an idea first floated by Councillor Pirri. The details of the lease and the identity of the leasee will be forthcoming once the lease has been finalized by staff (most likely will be on next week’s General Committee agenda.) As I said at the Council table, this is an exciting opportunity for the Town. It aligns with our Strategic Plan that identified the desire to see a post secondary institution come to Aurora. The redevelopment of the Armoury is just one piece of the bigger picture of the redevelopment of our downtown core. What has been talked about for nearly two decades of extensive public consultation through strategic plan development and multiple updates, the Promenade Plan as well as the extensive specific consultation undertaken for the Cultural Precinct plan and Library Square, the revitalization of our downtown core will finally become a reality! Councils past and present have heard many great ideas and suggestions from our residents and business owners, staff and consultants. It is time for action and that is what this Council is doing. The recommendation before Council was to approve the budget to allow GOW Hastings Architects to proceed with detailed design for the renewal of 89 Mosley, the motion was approved 7-1 (Councillor Abel opposed) As I said, this is an exciting opportunity that will benefit the Town as a whole and move us closers towards the goal of the revitalization of our downtown.. More to come on this… #GettingThingsDone

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  1. I watched the entire portion of the council video on this part of the meeting. What I did not see enough of in the current design is celebrating the history of the building.

    I would like to see some more acknowledgment of the Queens York Rangers, and the veterans that have stood proudly to protect Aurora and our country using this building as their home. More than just the plaque on the northeast side of the property.

    Also, the park already has a snack bar and outside washrooms so why do we need a second one of will the current one be demolished?

    Also, what is the plan for the current play structures are they being moved to make space for the southern expansion?

    While I also like the idea of windows one thing that many event space designers regularly forget is that when people are hosting events they sometimes need to reduce the amount of light for presentations and such. This was a big issue at Georgina’s the Rock the south facing building washing out projector screens and other displays. They had not budgeted for the window coverings and it took a number of years to finally get something done about it.

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