Council Update October 25th

Last evening, the Council chambers were full with residents out in support of a motion before council regarding the potential for a school being provided in the Bayview area. Personally, I thought it was great to see so many residents of this Town that are passionate about our community.

During the deliberation of the motion, I stated at the council table that I feel it is important that we as Council advocate on behalf of residents and with respect to this issue – the potential for a new school – that the most effective way to do that is to have the School Trustee come before Council. The Trustee, as part of the elected body that makes decisions regarding school board matters, will be able to answer the many questions that you, the residents, have as well as the questions that Council has. I will make sure that these questions are answered and that we have a full understanding of what the School Board is looking to do in the area. I feel that as a member of Council, it is my job to be residents’ voice at the table and I will make sure your voices are heard loud and clear.

As I said last night and was quite evident by the discussion of all members at the table, Council as a whole would like to see another High School in Aurora and in the Bayview area in particular. While the decision as to where, when or whether a school is built is not strictly within Council’s jurisdiction, that does not mean we have no role to play. Our role is to advocate for and speak on behalf of the expressed needs of the residents of this Town and that is what our Council did last night. I for one am looking forward to when the Trustee will speak to Council in less then 30 days – so that Council and residents can get the answers that we are all looking for. I think it is important that the Town work constructively and collaboratively with the School Board and with the Province on this matter. With the passing of the motion last night, those conversations start today.

The Town will make sure that residents are notified well in advance of the date that the School trustee will be attending Council. And I will also put up notification on social media and notify those who wish to be contacted by email.

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