Council Update – September 10, 2019

This week Council discussed and approved a new committee that would be formed to disperse the funds from the Annual Mayors Charity Golf Classic. The committee structure that isproposed builds upon the structure  and great work of the previous Mayors golf tournament committee.  Though the previous committee was not formally affiliated with the Town, as this has now become a town event, a formal town committee will be created.

The committee’s terms of reference include an annual financial reporting requirement to ensure Council and the public are provided with a full accounting of receipt and disbursement of funds.

With respect to the structure of the committee, it is proposed to be comprised of members from service clubs and community organizations who provide a variety of services to those in need in Aurora such as the Optimist Club, Rotary Club, Welcoming Arms, Salvation Army, York Regional Police, to name a few…This committee will have no political membership; no involvement from myself (Mayor) and the rest of Council.

The criteria for funding applications will be the similar to previous Mayor’s golf tournaments and thus will continue to provide the opportunity for community groups to apply for funding. However, I believe that the criteria should be expanded to include individuals in our Townwho may need assistance and as they are not affiliated with a particular organization may miss out on an opportunity to apply. An example that I bring up often is a family that has seen a child face an accident and is now in a wheelchair and the family does not have enough resources to build a ramp at their home. Or a family has had a house fire and lost all their belongings or may be a student grant or funding for an Aurora resident to compete at an event overseas… I have always believed that these funds should be for the betterment of our community in the broadest sense. We need to help our community members when we can and this event and the funds raised and new structure will do just that.

I was glad that Council agreed that this is a great way to move forward with the Mayors Charity Golf classic and the vote was unanimous to create the new committee. I am looking forward to the tournament and, with the funds raised, the committee helping those in our community that need a helping hand.

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