Council Update – September 24, 2019

This week at Council we dealt with my motion to install a “Canopy of Lights” along Yonge St starting at Wellington St south to Mosley St.

The debate and conversation around the table was positive and everyone was excited about the idea of this happening as it was felt that it will help transform the look of our downtown core. As I said at the table, this is not the only thing that will revitalize our downtown core.  It’s just one piece of the puzzle, (the bigger vision) as we continue to move forward with the transformation of our Historic Core. With the soon-to-be-open redeveloped Armoury, Niagara College opening, the redevelopment of Library Sq, new businesses looking to open up in the area and with the strong presence of the newly formed BIA – all of these changes will be what brings this area to new heights.

The Vision as set out in our promenade plan states “To evolve into a vibrant place to live, shop, work and play. Inviting to pause or stroll along its entire length, encouraging people to experience it on foot. A passage into and through Town where a narrative unfolds with every passing block, telling a story of Aurora’s past, present and future.”

And that is exactly what the Canopy of Lights will do! This will make for a more inviting, unique place that will encourage people not only from Aurora but from all over the GTA to visit our Town! As I have said before this is definitely an exciting time for our Town as we get things done in our downtown core.

Council passed the motion unanimously! And staff will begin the work on this immediately with the support of the BIA. #GettingThingsDone

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6 Responses

  1. It is a lovely look as long as light bulbs are replaced quickly after they burn out, otherwise the look will be shabby.

  2. Tom
    I feel Aurora Council is good at spending other people’s hard earned money
    What will these lights add to my already outrageous tax bill ?

  3. I love the idea. One comment I would like to give (totally unrelated to the canopy of lighs)…is that the south end of Aurora, Yonge leading into Aurora (Henderson north) seems to be totally neglected. We have no planters, the medium is full weeds/grass. With the loss of Canadian Tire the south end is looking very tired. Please give the Yonge entrance to Aurora the welcoming look as does the west end (from Bathurst) to Yonge….keeping in mind this is the first impression of Aurora.

  4. I like this canopy of lights idea.
    However, I would prefer to see the stars at night and that is impossible with all the light pollution from Toronto and the GTA.
    Light pollution is also a health risk. And the excessive light damages trees, plants – our environment.
    Could we please work on bringing back a sky filled with beautiful stars.
    Each year we miss the natural comet event, with hundreds of comets streaking across the sky – all because we simply can’t see them. Many of of our children have never seen this amazing natural phenomenon. Not everyone can drive a couple of hours north to watch this display.
    We also miss out on the display of the Northern Lights.
    What a way to create a sense of wonder and appreciation for our planet. It would take the leadership of each Mayor to accomplish this task.

    The canopy of lights during the holiday season would be a special event.
    We can have both.

  5. How does this canopy fit with dealing with climate change ?? If it is fed by solar panels ok otherwise an affront to all of the people marching in recent weeks

  6. A beautiful idea! I hope it won’t interfere with the revitalization of this area and Library Square. And as per above, we hope the bulbs get replaced as needed and some work done on south Aurora at Yonge. That is my neighbourhood too!

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