Economic Development and the Chamber

For decades, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce has been an important resource for businesses in our community and they play a key role in economic development efforts for our Town.  A continued, strong relationship with the Chamber will be key to encouraging a positive business environment and revitalizing our downtown core.

Our business community is a critical part of having a thriving Town where residents can work, live and play. Council has moved projects forward that will see growth in our economic base, from Niagara College moving into the Armoury, and the development of Library Square, Council is always working with the Chamber and that is how you get things done.

The redevelopment of Library Square has taken a giant leap forward from concept to reality. This important revitalization initiative has been a project that has taken 20 years to get to this point, including extensive consultations with residents and local businesses, staff and Council past and present.

This is an exciting time for our Town. We are poised to move forward towards a positive future by returning to our past and recognizing the critical role that aurora’s heritage – and historical core – can play in our future economic growth through the redevelopment of Library Square.

Our downtown core was the heart of our community and economic hub of our Town for generations. And through the key revitalization initiative of Library square it’s on its way to be that – and so much more – for generations to come.

But revitalization isn’t just about bringing in new business, it’s about supporting existing businesses as well. We need to engage with local business owners to better understand your needs – what works, what doesn’t work, and what can we do better?

Yes, governments don’t create jobs, but we can and should create the environment that allows businesses to grow and thrive. We need to do more to make Aurora attractive to new businesses and support existing businesses so that all can achieve their potential.

And that is exactly what we are doing. I look forward to working with everyone to get things done..


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