I have been a resident of Aurora for over thirty years. When it comes time to vote, I must support the candidate who has a strong vision for the town’s future and who I believe will do the best job in general. I am writing to endorse Tom Mrakas for Mayor.

Tom has a record of success in ensuring all residents are taken care of whenever they have concerns. In addition, he took on a massive project to transform our downtown core into a space to enjoy live music and entertainment as he understood the need for an updated approach to arts and entertainment in Aurora.

This past term was not an easy one for any elected official, navigating everyone through COVID-19. Tom had daily updates and did whatever he could to make sure protocols were Well-established and followed. He continues to support local businesses and makes an effort to get to know the people he serves.

His commitment to growing Aurora and to bringing groups together is a testament to his leadership abilities. Vote for Tom Mrakas on October 24, 2022.