Tom has shown in this last term as our Mayor what a true leader in the community is all about. He is always ready to sit with the People of Aurora to discuss ideas and or concerns, looking for ways he can best serve our Town. Its great to know you can call him on any topic and he listens to you which makes you feel like you count and are heard. His full open door style of leadership makes it easy to approach him with anything, be it a great idea to bring to the community, chatting about new and on going projects through the town or raising concerns, he is always ready to sit and listen and work with you. Tom is personable, accountable and transparent, he is a fighter and isn’t afraid to stand up for the people of Aurora. As a Mayor this is very important for the success and growth of our Town. If your at a community event you can bet that Tom is there to greet with a warm welcome. Its for these reasons and many more that i put my full support behind Tom seeking re-election as our Mayor for the Town of Aurora in 2022.