Ever since I started running Aurorapalooza a few years ago, Tom has shown nothing but unconditional support. As Aurora’s Mayor he allow residents to show off their entrepreneurial spirit and encourages small businesses, something that is so important to a small town like ours. In the 25 years that I’ve lived in Aurora I’ve never experienced a mayor that communicates on such a personal level to the community. From birthday wishes to residents on Facebook, to taking phone calls on weekends, to responding to emails promptly, I don’t think there is no one better fit to run our Town. Tom always makes himself available for events around the town, and actually listens what event organizers like myself have to say. Throughout COVID-19- Mayor Mrakas did everything in his power to keep small businesses alive and he has my full support for the next election. Personable, transparent, productive, and caring. What else could you ask for?