I endorse and support Tom Mrakas to be reelected as Mayor of Aurora. During Tom’s first term as Mayor he has demonstrated a passion for the planned and disciplined growth of Aurora with his energy in the community and efforts at Town Hall and by being responsible fiscally. Tom is a strong supporter of local businesses, sports teams, specialty groups and individuals; demonstrating his support by attending events constantly. Tom’s short and long-term vision for healthy Aurora growth is reflected in Aurora’s Draft Official Plan Amendment that reinforces the need for disciplined growth for the varied housing needs in Aurora, population growth, business growth, transit focus and growth, while considering the environmental impacts and special culture of Aurora. Tom has been willing to fight for Aurora’s official development plans with the Ontario government when Ontario had different ideas. Tom’s prior experience while serving on Town Council helped create the foundation of what Tom understands the needs and priorities of Aurora to be and he has built significantly on this foundation during his first term as Mayor to justify a second term. Please vote for Tom Mrakas for Mayor of Aurora.