Having lived in Aurora over 25 years, I have come to see the town grow and prosper but even more-so since Tom Mrakas has been Mayor.

He truly provides Leadership That Gets the Job Done. The Mayor’s office is bustling with activity that has delivered 57 motions of innovation possibilities and 52 having major support, providing solutions to important issues for residents. His support of local businesses during Covid was outstanding! His consistent promotion on social media of small and new businesses lead the way for us to learn about these local companies and help support these establishments. Finally traffic flow at Yonge and Wellington has been addressed, great news for our safety.

Aurora is thee town to live in that offers a flourishing community with over 62 parks, many leisure/sporting opportunities, a long list of community events such as Ribfest, movies/concerts in the park, farmer’s market, Aurorapolooza and more! There is always something fun to do. Tom Mrakas is at every event, seven days a week, talking and listening to constituents. He continues to build this town including spearheading the new Library Square. Truly a Mayor whom is very much part of the community, a man of the people and will only continue to do outstanding things for our beautiful town. I highly recommend you vote to re-elect Tom Mrakas.