I’d like to express my full support for the re-election of Mayor Tom Mrakas. As a resident of Aurora for 20+ years, Tom stands out as one of the most vital and influential members of our community. His continued efforts for inclusiveness and growth are notably the most impactful aspects of his profound leadership. Tom is a strong supporter of local businesses, sports teams, community events, and all groups and individuals in Aurora. He branches the gap between politicians and citizens, and I am continually impressed with his interactions and involvement.
Tom defines the statement “getting things done”. In my years of living in Aurora, Tom continues to prove himself as responsible, efficient, and informative. In addition to getting things done, you will find him posting in the facebook group ‘Aurora – our town’ to inform our community. As an example, Tom recently highlighted the recent business growth and redevelopment activities of Aurora. This list helped shed light on how these businesses and redevelopment activities will impact the Aurora community in the future.
With Tom’s continued leadership, responsibility, optimism, and care for his community, I firmly believe Aurora will continue to thrive as one of the finest places to live.