Everyone that lives in our Town is part of our community

I understand that some residents are concerned about statements that were made at the recent Council meeting. Specifically, a member’s comments about “renters”. A member took issue with the fact that “renters” are providing their comments and opinions on the matter of Stable Neighbourhoods via the Town’s online survey (PlaceSpeak) and that as “renters” are “transient” they should not have a say when it comes to planning issues in our community.

Suffice to say, I do not agree with the member’s position. I did point out during the meeting that “renters” vote. Thus, they have a right to a say in how our Town is governed – including as it speaks to planning matters.

It should be noted that “renters” can run for and get elected to municipal Council. In fact member(s) of Aurora council have been “renters”. Clearly, the Municipal Act provides all residents with the same rights to participate in our democracy.

There is a recognized need for more affordable housing in Aurora – and in particular, purpose-built rental units. I believe, that we need to find ways to provide more housing options so that our seniors can “age in place”, folks can downsize without having to leave our community and young people have a place to live in the community that they have grown up in.

Everyone that lives in our Town is part of our community – whether you own a house or rent one..

Here is the video clip…

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  1. Hey Tom! I agree that Renters ARE equal participants in our democracy (else we go back to Feudal times…. not a good idea!). Also, many Renters ARE long-term citizens of our Town. So, on these points, Coucillor Gaertner was (in my humble opinion) off-side.

    I also agree that there is a need for SOME restrictions on properties within the Stable Neighborhood areas. And that these areas represent some of the best, and unique, parts of Aurora.

    Now, I live in a semi-detached property, so the odds of tearing down my “half” and building half a monster home are pretty slim. But, I do think that the opinions of land-owners in these areas ought to carry SOME degree of additional weight over tenants. We’re talking Property Standards here (and it is OWNERS not TENANTS who are subject to those).

    This is NOT to say that Tenants have fewer rights on laws that apply to all….. but if some laws only apply to some persons….then shouldn’t those persons have a greater say into potential changes?

    My 2 cents. Cheers!

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