General Committee Update – April 06, 2021

This week at general committee, Council discussed the ongoing issues with drivers that decide to proceed the wrong way through the one way section on Centre street creating a very dangerous situation for vehicles proceeding in the right direction!

Council has looked at many ideas to try and rectify this issue. Councillor Gaertner has asked for more measures from added signage, to painted lines on the road. And most recently, Councillor Humfryes has made the push for speed humps to be added on this small section to help discourage those from going the wrong way.

As I have said previously, there are only 4 options for Council to consider, 1 – remove the one-way, 2 – leave as it, 3 – put up a physical barrier to block it entirely or  4 – add calming measures. Leaving it as is, is not an option, as it will do nothing at all.  And removing the one-way is something that the majority on the street are opposed to, and the third one needs no explanation as to why it is a no. So that leaves 4 – add calming measures.  While I am not a big fan of speed humps, I do believe in this instance that a speed hump is the most logical and cost efficient way to add protection and increase safety.

Enforcement is also needed.  That is why I have spoken with the district superintendent at YRP to monitor the area on occasion to bring presence and awareness to the one way to ensure that everyone is adhering to the rules off the road.

But enforcement alone will not solve this as YRP can’t be at this location 24/7.

There’s no perfect way to resolve this; ultimately, it comes down to people obeying the law and the rules of the road.

Council passed the recommendation “That Council approved the installation of speed cushions for traffic calming purposes on Centre Street between Spruce Street and Wells Street”.   Staff will be notifying the residents on Centre of the recommendation before it comes to Council in 3 weeks. Residents are encouraged to bring forward to Council any concerns they may have with the recommendation before Council considers it for approval on April 27th.

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  1. Centre Street was fouled up during the Phyllis régime. That was a long time ago. Why hasn’t it been normalized along with Catherine Street and Spruce, Maple and . Enough is enough!

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