General Committee Update – December 5, 2017

This week Council met in General Committee and we had before us a presentation as well as visitors from the Town’s new partners, Niagara College Canadian Food and Wine Institute… This is an exciting moment in Aurora, and for the revitalization of our downtown core. CFWI will be occupying the the Armoury and will be bringing their world class and recognized courses to Aurora. As I said at the table, this will help create an economic benefit to our downtown and the Town as a whole. A true partnership is just that.. Both partners benefit. In this case Niagara College breaks into a market within the GTA that is a great fit for them, while for the Town, we get a world renowned post secondary institution in Aurora… one that brings their unique expertise and services to our community. This is something that will bring many economic benefits to Aurora with many possible spinoffs. I am extremely pleased to welcome Niagara College to Aurora… This along with the decisions to be made with regards to moving forward with one of the proposed concepts for Library square will positively change the landscape of our downtown core and create a ripple effect that will kickstart the revitalization of the downtown… I am looking forward to a very beneficial long term partnership with Niagara College… This truly is an exciting time in Aurora, as we realize the culmination of nearly 2 decades of community, Council and staff discussions about how to revitalize our downtown core and move the redevelopment of Library Square from concept to reality.


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  1. Interesting, Tom. Will the CFWI be offering courses for professionals in the hospitality industry, or courses for those of us who are home cooks with a bent for interesting food? Will we be able to find the wow factor in our very diverse local food economy to support the expectations of consumers?

    One of my jobs, long, long ago was working for the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario at Vineland. I helped a European vintner named Tibor Fuleki aid the young wineries on the block. Now those wineries are well-established thanks to good support from the public.

    Back in the day, no one believed Niagara would become anything but a tacky tourist town stuck among small manufacturers and the infamous Love Canal and now it has a healthy economy. With lots of interest in the Ontario North, York Region is logically in the position to become the first host to overseas visitors to Canada, give them a taste of our Ontario hospitality and help them plan their journeys in a welcoming community that just wants to share.

  2. Just a thought…who owns the land that this enterprise will be situated on? Is this land being leased to Niagara College? I’m now very concerned after going through the Highland Gate situation, that if they own the land, at a later time, could be turned into town homes!

    Otherwise, I welcome them with open arms and wish them well.

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