General Committee Update – June 1, 2021

This week at General Committee, Council discussed the renaming of Library Sq. This has been a long discussion dating back to 2018 where the Town undertook numerous steps to find a new name for Library Sq engaging with residents, stakeholders, and Council. From the multiple consultations, a shortlist of 5 names were brought forward for Council consideration:  Town Sq, Church St Sq, Aurora Junction, and Constellation Sq… However, there was one name that was head and shoulders above the others when it came to feedback from the Public and that was Aurora Town Sq. Fully 49.4% of respondents favour it. The next closest at 23.5%.

I believe Aurora Town Square is the perfect name for the reimagined Library Square.  It speaks to what it is – the heart of a revitalized downtown core, a focal point for community gatherings in this great town of ours.  Aurora Town Square is a name that speaks to the small-town charm Aurora has but with big city amenities such as those that the sq will provide.  It will be at the centre of future growth as our core continues to revitalize. This area will house our Library, our Museum, the Cultural centre with arts and music, a new multipurpose space that can be used for theatre, music, conferences, lectures, and an outdoor space that will be a gathering place for all to visit the many facilities and the many local businesses. Given all that this will encompass, the name Aurora Town Square is truly an appropriate name for it. This is an exciting time for our Town.  What a great way to celebrate our Downtown –  naming the key investment that has kicked started the revitalization of this area after our Town itself!

While the recommendation was just received at GC, I am looking forward to Council making a decision on the final name for the Square later this month.  That’s getting things done!

See you all at the Aurora Town Square (fingers crossed!) Fall 2022!

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