General Committee Update – September 22, 2020

This week at General Committee, Council approved (unanimously) the recommendation to create the Project Monitoring Task Force for the Library Square project (to be ratified at Council next week). The Task Force will monitor and examine all financial and budgetary aspects of Library Square during the construction phase, including project contingency expenditures.

Now that the contract has been awarded and we are moving to the construction phase of Library sq, we need to have the proper team in place to ensure that this project will be on time and on budget. Our Town has had projects in the past that were over budget, mis managed and lacked the leadership needed to see its effective completion. Responsible leadership looks for ways to learn from past projects to better ensure improved current and future projects.

And that is what our Council has done. 

We have implemented a standardized framework across all departments within the Town to better provide the governance structures needed for the management of any future project(s). I am confident that ,we have put the right project management team in place. With the institution of the Task Force, we will have effective oversight of the project from start to completion.

The task force will work to monitor the project status, including construction progress, planned activities and emerging risks as they may inform financial impacts to the project; and monitoring of financial and budgetary aspects related to project delivery. This will go a long way toward minimizing any potential pitfalls that have befallen many other public construction projects..

The Task force will Be comprised of myself – the Mayor as an Ex Officio member; Two (2) Councillors; Five (5) staff; and One (1) Project Management consultant.

This gives a great balance of elected officials, staff and the project management team and provides the necessary leadership to see this project to completion. A project of this magnitude needs “ All hands on deck” approach to ensure we stay on time and on-budget. It will take all of us, working together, to see this historic, community-building project to completion and the transformation of our downtown core.

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  1. Yes. Let us learn from the Aurora Public Leisure Centre redevelopment project from a few years ago. Where was the communication between the designer and the public? Show heads in the change rooms placed way to high. No clocks placed on the walls. etc.

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