GO Level Crossings – Pedestrian Safety

I wanted to update residents with respect to the issue of our level crossings in Town. I have been working with Regional staff and Metrolinx to ensure greater safety and security for pedestrians in our community. And, I am pleased to update everyone with the news that Metrolinx is planning to install pedestrian safety measures at the Engelhard, Wellington, and St Johns crossings (To be installed by the end of the year). It’s important to note that this installation will solely focus on enhancing safety measures, and there will be no modifications regarding whistle cessation. Any decision to stop train whistles will still require a Council resolution, and the Municipality will have to assume responsibility for the liability associated with it. Safety of our residents is always of the utmost importance and I am glad that we have been able to have Metrolinx provide these added safety measures. #LeadershipThatGetsDone

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