Highland Gate Issues – 2019

Recently, several residents in the Highland Gate area have reached out with questions and concerns about the development. I share many of the same concerns and have been working with staff to address them.  In particular, the issue of fencing and retaining walls and honouring agreements that speak to installation.

Through my discussions with the developer, the Town has been told that the developer will be building homes as they are sold. Residents are not happy about this and I share their frustration.  Residents feel that it is unacceptable that a mature neighbourhood could be in a construction zone for 5 to 10 years, should sales be slow…I note that the MOS (minutes of settlement) does state that if no work has been done on individual lots for a six month period than it must be seeded/sodded to the satisfaction of the Town. I have asked our staff to enforce this provision in the MOS.

So that our residents and community do not have to live in a mud pit!

This past May, I spoke directly with the developers regarding obligations that have not or were not yet being met – in particular, the issue of the park.  I was informed then that they are working to finish the park and that weather played a factor in the delays.  Weather can indeed be a complicating factor in the progress of any development.  However, according to the developers the park was to be completed this summer.  It is now the Fall and the park is still not complete with no clear timeline.  When I speak with the developers this week, I will be asking for a firm completion date.

A new issue has recently emerged that I will also be working with staff to address.  The street lights recently have been turned on at the Highland Gate development property. The lights are very bright, and it has been brought to my attention that the lights are so strong that they are shining into a number of existing residential homes.  As I stated at last week’s Council committee meeting, I have asked that staff contact the developer and look into providing shields on the lights – similar to what has been done in other parts of the Town due to the same issue.

I also let Council know that the CAO and I have been looking at creating a committee made up of the Ratepayers, Staff, and representatives from the developer that would meet monthly to identify and address ongoing or emerging issues.  In this way, questions or concerns that residents have can be answered in a timely manner. The logistics of this proposed committee are being discussed and it is hoped that it will be up and running shortly.

I will continue to update everyone and if you have any concerns please email me at tmrakas@aurora.ca.

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  1. If the homeowners are disturbed by the lights they can install shutters, blinds or drapes. There is nothing I can do about the thistles, burrs and 7 ft. high weeds which have ruined my
    back yard.. The seeds have blown on to my property which faces sides and backs on to Geranium
    property. The fence is falling down. My quality of life is affected by this situation. The Mayor and
    council need to come to Marsh Harbour in order to observe just how serious the condition is. on
    the hill beside my home. .

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