Highland Gate Update – 2019

Given the recent slow down in the local real estate market, residents are concerned about the impact it may have on the status of ongoing or pending developments; in particular, in regard to what is happening with the Highland Gate development. Specifically, residents are concerned that there may be changes to the type of housing that will built and/or that the development could be abandoned altogether.  

Let me address the concerns by stating that, as much as I and many others have ongoing concerns with the development, the terms of the development were set as per an OMB settlement. Any change to any aspect of the development (such as size of housing, density etc. ) would require the Minutes of Settlement to be opened up.  To open the Minutes of Settlement would require all 3 parties to agree to any changes (the Town, the Ratepayers, and the developer).  I can state that the Town has not been approached to open the Minutes of Settlement.

I have spoken with the developers – Geranium Homes – and I reviewed the concerns of the Highland Gate residents. Geranium has confirmed that the development is going ahead as planned. However, in terms of timeline of the development, aside from the 9 homes that have already been built, they will be building homes as they are sold. So – yes – this could take a while. In addition to the status of the development itself, the significant point of concern that I have heard from numerous residents is the status of the park.  In my discussions with Geranium, I wanted to make sure that the development of the park would continue to go ahead as planned and would not be paused or stalled due to lack of sales. I have been reassured that development of the park is on schedule and, when the weather warms up, that work to complete the park will continue as planned.

If residents have any other concerns or questions regarding the Highland Gate development, please give me a call 416-543-1624 or email me tmrakas@aurora.ca.

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3 Responses

  1. In your next update, we would appreciate the status,timeline ,etc of the planned condo on Golflinks.Thank you

  2. I live at 66 Corner Ridge Rd and directly behind us are three Geranium homes completed including the sodding. I have seen two different sets of people looking outside and inside the homes but no one has moved in. Why? Are these homes going to remain empty until Phase 1 is completed? How long are we expected to have to put up with the dust and the constant sound of construction, which is driving us crazy!

  3. My house ( 32 Owl’s Foot Crescent) is backing on to the former Golf course. Resident for 34 years For years i have watched this great piece of property going to the Dogs Every Square Yard has been messed up Many beautiful trees have been cut unnecessary ( I took a lot of pictures) Now that the warm weather has arrived nothing has been done so far Not only is the former Golf course effected but when you drive in from Bathurst Street nothing but a horrible mess How can the town people allow this to happen Could i invite the Major to come and look for himself ‘ please! What about the new fence we were promised? Respectful
    Gunter LW Lichtenberg 32 Owl’s Foot Cres.

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