Interm Control ByLaw – Stable Neighbourhoods

At this week’s meeting, Council passed my motion directing staff to propose an Interim Control By-law aimed at restricting development or alterations within “Stable Neighbourhoods” for a one-year period. “Stable Neighbourhoods” refers to an area that contains older housing with predominantly single-storey dwellings. The by-law would restrict new residential dwellings or additions that exceed the current development standards in existing, mature residential areas. The idea is to have the ICBL in place while staff continue the study (approved by Council last month) that is currently being worked on; where staff are looking at the Zoning within stable neighbourhoods.

As I have said many times, it is important for the Town to make sure that any development is “appropriate” and fits within our Official Plan and our Zoning… The motion passed 7-1 (Mayor Dawe opposed). I disagree entirely with the Mayor’s position that this motion seeks to “fix a problem that doesn’t exists…” . Our residents have made clear that the current situation – where stable neighbourhoods are at risk of – or in some cases in the process of – being severely disrupted by inappropriate development is a problem that does exist and needs to be addressed. The good news is that the Council in the majority decisively voted in favour of my motion and felt that we need to look at ways to protect our stable neighbourhoods from over- or in-appropriate development.. As I have always said, we have guidelines, we have an Official Plan and we have Zoning requirements… If someone would like an exception to the Town’s guidelines then there needs to be a clear benefit to the Town… I look forward to Staff bringing back the ByLaw (which will be limited to identified areas) for Councils approval…

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  1. What is considered an “inappropriate dwelling”? If I am currently in the process of creating an addition on my home (which absolutely adheres to all bylaws), will we have to wait a year before building?

  2. Tom, thanks so much for this! It’s about time! So many times, as I drive through various established neighbourhoods, I’m shocked and dismayed by the changes I’m seeing, and feel so very sad for the people whose neighbourhoods are being changed – with absolutely no benefit at all to the Town that I can see (quite the opposite)!

    Thanks for the common sense! I’m so glad the motion was passed almost unanimously. Along with you, I totally disagree with the position that the motion seeks to “fix a problem that doesn’t exists…”

  3. Hi Tom, As always, thank you for being the voice of reason.

    I suggest you to ask the Mayor to take a look at the new house being built at the corner of Child Dr and Richardson Dr, then knock on the doors of the neighbours there and ask them if they think there’s “a problem that doesn’t exist”. I’m certain the Mayor would feel differently if he lived in one of those neighbouring houses. The new house FILLS the lot, its perhaps 3,000 sq feet towering over the tiny 1,200 sq foot bungalows in the area. It looks ridiculous and is another perfect example of a poor decision made by the Aurora Planning Dept. But I guess it will bring in more tax dollars, so who cares how out of place it looks or the negative impact on the neighbours property value or ability to resell their homes…

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