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“This Municipal election, I am voting for Tom Mrakas.

No level of government impacts your daily life, your neighbourhood, your community as directly as Municipal government does – which is why, this October 22nd, I am voting Tom Mrakas for Mayor of Aurora.  We moved here a decade ago from Markham, where endless development shifted the landscape of that city, transforming green-space and farmland into crammed, character-less housing.  We loved Aurora so much, we convinced 8 other families to move here too!  And then it began…  Development after development – with seemingly little to no design control or thought placed on smart growth and liveability.  I am not anti-development and neither is Tom Mrakas.  Rather, I support Tom’s approach to smart and strategic growth that balances the Town’s need to attract new residents, with the Town’s reputation as a charming community with character – small town feel with big-city amenities.  Tom is progressive, responsive, and in my interactions with him, truly lives by his mantra of  “getting things done”.  He doesn’t pander to developers or special interest groups – he represents the residents of Aurora.  For me, that’s what an elected Mayor should do – protect the rights and interests of the community first and foremost.  Tom has my vote – I think he should have yours too.”


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