General Committee Update – February 2, 2021

Enhanced traffic calming on Kennedy St is one step closer to becoming a reality. Last night at General Committee, Council had before it a recommendation to approve speed cushions on the section of Kennedy St between Temperance St and George St

I know many ask how do I get speed cushions or any type of traffic calming measure in my area? The Town has a traffic calming measure policy which requires all warrants to be met for traffic calming measures (such as stop signs, speed cushions) to be approved. Here is the link for the Town’s policy   

So why this stretch of Kennedy St W? Well it satisfies the requirements under all three of the warrants of the Town’s traffic calming policy. Anyone that has driven on Kennedy St knows that the road is hilly and narrow, and – while it is actually a residential street – it has been and continues to be used as a collector road for people getting to Bathurst St from Yonge St. Traffic volume and speed is an issue.

While this location has met the warrants and the measures will be implemented, there are many locations around our Town where traffic and speed are an issue. And I am sure this post will garner a list of streets where folks will suggest we install speed cushions, but speed cushions are not always the answer.  Folks need to be responsible when it comes to staying within the speed limit. What we all need to remember is that this is our community and we all need to be respectful of the rules and that includes speed limits. I don’t think anyone wants a Town with street after street with speed cushions. Let’s all do our part and respect the speed limits, they are there for a reason which is to keep all of us safe.

This recommendation did pass unanimously, and it will now need to be ratified at Council at the end of the month. 


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3 Responses

  1. Would love to see something done on the Kemano raceway. Probably the longest remaining stretches without stop signs or speed bumps of any non-major street in tOwn.

  2. Sorry, after 2 years of asking for speed calming devices, 3 speed cushions were installed on McMaster av. But only seniors who were already driving within the speed limits are now driving even slower over the speed cushions. For the rest, McMaster is still a speedway… If stop signs cannot be installed, then there should be speed bumps, at least….

  3. In the good old days, didn’t the Police take care of this problem? Now the Police just sit on the main roads with radar. Fishing holes. We need them to patrol these hotspots.

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