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Tom Mrakas

Well we are one step closer to moving Library Square from mere concept to a reality. At General Committee this week (May 16th) we had a very long discussion about the concept plans that were presented to Council. The majority of members saw many things we liked in both plans and were not in favour of endorsing one over the other. In addition, there were a number of issues that would still need to be worked out; issues such as the parking around and access to the back entrance to the library, and the uses the proposed extensions to the Cultural Centre and Victoria Hall – but these are the things that will be dealt with at the detailed design stage, the next step which is upcoming.
After the lengthy discussion, it was decided that Council would receive the concepts plans as submitted and move forward to the next step, which is going to tender to get the design firm to develop the detailed plans for the square along with putting out to tender for the demolition of the old library and senior centre. So while we did spend a considerable amount of time word-smithing the motion, in the end we got to the same place; which is wonderful news for the future of Library Square.
I believe It is important that we continue to move forward with the vision for Library Square and the investment in our community that it represents. It is a collaborative vision that is the result of and created by the residents, our community partners and by this Council, from input received over the course of the past 2 decades.
The motion to continue to move forward was passed unanimously. I look forward to its ratification at Council next week. Here are my comments at the table that night

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    1. Hi Patricia, The RFP has gone out for a detailed design. The square will consist of an open civic square, an extension to the Cultural Centre and Victoria hall (This will add to the much needed extra community space) The detailed designs will identify the specific uses and details within the square. The idea is to create a square which can become a gathering place (a destination) for all Aurorans…

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