Library Sq Update

The ICIP grants were awarded primarily to communities that “needed” funding. Since Aurora is in a strong financial position, with healthy reserves, this put us at a disadvantage and we were not awarded the grant.
Library Square has followed the same funding process as any other capital project and the funding strategy approved by Council in December 2019 was not dependent on external funding. The December 2019 approval directed Town staff to issue a tender package for the project with anticipated ground-breaking to take place in September 2020. We were pleased that the tender came in under the approved budget.
The purpose of the Special Council meeting to be held in-person on August 25th is to formally award the tender for the project.
We are excited to be taking yet another step forward in the realization of this historic project.
Stay Tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks about library sq, the revitalization of our downtown and boosting our local economy. #GettingThingsDone
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