Cultural Precinct – Concept to Reality

At a Special meeting of Council last evening, our Council was able to do something that residents have wanted for a very long time…to make a decision – finally –  to move forward with the demolition of the old library and the old senior centre to make way for a new, revitalized Library Square.

After a presentation from staff on the cultural precinct, I put forward the following motion,

THAT the main features of The Town Park (ball diamond, band shell etc)  be preserved; And

THAT staff report back on specific enhancements to Town Park for consideration by Council; And

THAT staff report back on estimates for renovations to bring the Armoury building up to code and initiate a design exercise for the re purposing of the Armoury building.

THAT Council authorize staff to proceed with an application for the demolition of 52 and 56 Victoria St pending the relocation of tenants; And

THAT staff begin a design exercise for redevelopment of Library Square.

I believe that as a result of this Council decision, we will take one step closer to developing something special for our downtown core and help kick-start the process of revitalization. As residents know, there has been extensive consultation and collaboration with all key stakeholders; literally decades worth. We have heard loud and clear that the time has come for Council to take action and make decisions to move forward.

I am pleased to say that Council passed the motion.

We are taking decisive action; positive steps towards creating a downtown that will make all Aurorans proud! I for one am excited about the possibilities this represents and look forward to those next steps that will bring us from concept to reality in shaping the Heart of Aurora.

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7 Responses

  1. The Town Council should also consider the major revitalization of the shopping area in the downtown core by utilizing that area between Yonge St. and Mill St. and Wellington St.W. and Tyler St. to create a uniquely attractive shopping concourse and naming it MACHELL SQUARE.

  2. Congratulations to Town Council for taking the first step forward. To ensure motions get translated into results, Council should maintain its initial focus on Library Square. Thank you.

  3. I would like to see a proper traffic study done. For all of these proposed changes and shared with the ratepayers please. One way streets often create other headaches and pedestrian issues on nearby streets, let’s just be sure what we are doing and exactly how it will effect the whole area. lets just do this with all the facts and foresight we can.

  4. I congratulate decisive action but to demolish the existing buildings without a specific time line for construction seems half baked .Up front demolition costs and loss of rental income and prematurely displacing tenants all in the name of decisiveness is impetuous..

  5. I’m a little confused. Which buildings willbe demolished? I hope none of the old buildings? I like library. Where is the full plan. Thx

    1. Hi Kathy,
      The buildings which are being demolished are the “old” Library and the “old” seniors centre… 52 and 54 Victoria street. The current Library and the Church Street School (Cultural Centre) will not being going anywhere.

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