Magna Headquarters Staying in Aurora

I am pleased to announce that the Executive Leadership Team for automotive giant, Magna International Inc., has announced that they have decided to maintain their global headquarters in Aurora by signing an extension to their current lease.

Since opening its doors in 1997, Magna has been part of the fabric of Aurora. As the company considered its long-term plan for its headquarters, many options were explored. I was able to take part in those conversations and worked tirelessly to ensure that the strong relationship between Magna and the Town was solidified. After careful consideration, the Executive Team determined that Aurora remained as its ideal location to call home.

Our community is grateful to have Magna as one our premier corporate businesses. Magna has helped Aurora maintain a high profile in the global economy and has been a significant contributor to our local community through events like the Magna Hoedown and programs such as Neighbourhood Network. I want to thank Chief Executive Officer of Magna International, Don Walker and the senior team for their continued commitment to the Town of Aurora. This is welcome news to Council and residents.

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  1. What are the conditions? Why are they not the owners of the property and land. The details of this deals are not given. To whom are they paying rent/
    Are they exempt from taxes?

    Why are we paying so much taxes / It is time to reduce property taxes. The taxes in Aurora are too high.
    Red light cameras are another tax imposed to citizens of this town.

    A park with more flowers and fountains are necessary in Aurora. More restaurants on the river side should be allowed in Aurora. And eliminate the red light cameras. Stop implementing speed cameras.

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