Mayor’s Update – 2022 Budget

I am pleased that we have approved a budget that maintains the services that residents have come to rely on every day, while keeping in mind fiscal sustainability….Not only does our operating budget continue to provide quality of life for Aurorans, but we have a solid capital budget in place for 2022 that will support the renewal of our infrastructure for the future.

The Town is in a strong financial position… As third party auditors and consultants have all stated in their reports to the public…. Quite frankly we are the envy of municipalities for our strong financial position and how bright our financial future is….. Now it hasn’t always been like this; it has taken hard work from both Council and staff to get here. Council and Staff collectively continue to put what’s best for the future of our town first and do it in a fiscally responsible way

When we speak of fiscal responsibility, we mean getting the most out of your tax dollars by ensuring continued access to the services and amenities our residents and businesses expect while we invest in our future. 

This term of Council has demonstrated that even in the midst of a once in 100 years pandemic we have done just that. 

This Council has approved the lowest 4 yr term tax rates in 2 decades without sacrificing services and while making the largest investment in our community in generations 

That is getting things done.

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