Meeting Residents On Baywell Cres.

This weekend I visited with residents on Baywell Cres. This street wraps around a beautiful park (Chapman Park) It was great to meet with residents that ranged from life long Aurorans to New Aurorans that have just moved in. I had many great conversations about the area and while everyone loves living in Aurora there are some issues that residents feel are key issues to their area. We chatted about garbage pick-up, property standards, speed of vehicles… But one re occurring topic was that of on street parking. Some of the residents were not thrilled with the pilot project council approved that addressed on street parking during the winter months. Most felt that cars should not be parked on the road on their street, that the pilot project was too confusing and – as cars were parked on the road all the time, even during snow events – it hindered plowing of their street.
I noted to the residents that as this was a pilot project, Staff have collected the data from the pilot and will have a report in front of Council that will speak to the success/failure of the pilot project. After reviewing the staff report, Council will make a decision on parking restrictions for the 2017/2018 winter months. I will be taking a break next week from visiting a street as it is the Canada Day long weekend and there will be lots of events to enjoy. I hope to see everyone at all the upcoming events!! So enjoy the long weekend everyone and maybe next time I will see you on your street!! Till then I will continue to work with all of you to get things done….

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  1. I’m glad your making the rounds Mr Mrakas but Conover Avenue is still bad for pretty much all the same reasons and I’ve brought this to your attention over a year ago. I really hope you can do something for us. As I explained to you very many months ago I am taking care of an ailing parent and can’t commit the time to show up to council or to meet you in person. Please don’t take this to be a sign of person who doesn’t care. I live my city and thank you for your dedication thus far. But please let me remind you that actions always speak louder than words. Remember Mavrinac have had speed bumps for roughly a year for the same reasons and the kids from Rick Hansen come right out on to out street through Ada Johnson Park.


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