Meeting Residents on Elyse Ct.

What a beautiful day today ! I took this great weather as an opportunity to visit residents Elyse Ct, in one of our newer sub division directly off Wellington St. Everyone I met today is new to Aurora, coming from a wide range of areas – Burlington, Bolton, Toronto, and even one coming from Louisville in the USA… They all chose Aurora to be their new home because of all the things they have heard about our Town and the fact that we have a unique charm with a small town feel. While it was great to meet with everyone, most of the residents I spoke to in the neighbourhood had some concerns with parking as this week the “no parking” signs went up on one side of the street. Parking can be challenging in neighbourhoods such as this one that have many townhomes many of which have room for only 2 cars (1 in the garage and 1 in the driveway). Staff are working on a Town wide parking strategy and the challenges in neighbourhoods like this one will be a big part of the report that staff bring to Council at a future meeting. Overall it was great to meet new residents that are excited to live work and play in Aurora!!
That’s it for this week… maybe next week I will see you on your street..

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