Meeting with MPP Chris Ballard, Minister of Housing and Poverty Reduction

Following a motion I put forward to Council last week requesting an update on OMB reform, I received a call to meet with MPP Ballard. And yesterday, Thursday February 9th, I had the opportunity to meet with MPP Chris Ballard, our Minister of Housing and Poverty Reduction.
We had a good discussion about OMB reform. We discussed the main points that have been raised by key stakeholders in the public consultation process in regards to the need for OMB reform, and the recommendations that the government is looking at, most important of which, certainly from my perspective, is the recommendation that the authority for local planning decisions needs to rest with Municipal Councils.

I am encouraged by the discussion and am optimistic that the work of the over a hundred Municipalities that participated in the Municipal Summit has had an impact. The Province has heard us loud and clear and is ready to make bold reforms of the OMB.

I am looking forward to the spring when, as the Attorney General has stated, this Bill will be brought forward.


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