Park and Charge Stations

We are upgrading and expanding current green infrastructure as the Town installs 18, level 2 Ivy Charging Park and Charge stations at six Town-owned facilities across Aurora, allowing for residents and visitors to conveniently ‘charge up’ in just a few hours. Addressing climate change has been a top priority for our Town and for this Council. By increasing the number of charging stations in our community, and by providing faster charging options we hope to see more people opting for greener vehicles in the future.

The new chargers will have a cost recovery model, with a per hour charging rate competitive with the cost of other public charging stations in the GTA. This user fee will help offset the costs of electricity and maintenance of the stations.

Stations are currently being installed at the following Town facilities:

  • Joint Operations Centre
  • Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex
  • Aurora Town Hall
  • Aurora Family Leisure Complex
  • Aurora Community Centre
  • Aurora Armoury

An additional four chargers are also set to be installed at Aurora Town Square.

This project is part of the Town of Aurora’s ongoing work in greening operations and fighting climate change. Making it easier for residents to switch to electric vehicles is part of the Town’s commitment to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

To learn more about what we’re doing to reduce our impact on climate change, please visit:


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