Questions About Potential Impacts of All Day GO Service

Tom Mrakas

At the March 28th meeting of Council, Metrolinx made a presentation in regards to the new 2-way all-day every 15 minute GO service. This is really great news for Aurora as our residents need more, and better, transit options. However, these service improvements, while positive, will also have a number of other impacts that will directly affect Aurora and for that we need answers…My concern specifically is what will happen to Berczy Street when the service is expanded to two way all day service? To accommodate the transit upgrade they will need to lay additional tracks and this will have an impact on areas surrounding the tracks – in particular Berczy Street.
I have significant concerns about the lack of clarity around what will happen to Berzcy Street as a result of the transit improvements. Will the street even exist? And what about all the homes and businesses on Berczy? And what will happen to traffic along Wellington St once the construction on grade separation begins? There are real benefits to improved transit, but I also feel that our residents should be made aware of all potential costs associated with the proposed changes as well – before those changes are made. Not after.

Unfortunately, the answers provided by Metrolinx were somewhat vague and left everyone wondering what will be happening.

I will keep asking the questions until I get answers. Here are my questions to the Metrolinx Representative…

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Tom,

    Please work hard to ensure detaiedl plans are provided especially on how this area will change due to the expansion.


  2. Hi Tom

    While i applaud the arrival of all day go service, without the creation of an underpass at Wellington St and or St Johns Sideroad and Englehard Drive, the town will effectively be cut in half every fifteen minutes.
    Traffic, which is already heavy on Wellington St, will become a nightmare and backups in either direction will be almost permanent. Esp on wellington where the trains stop at the station.

    Richmond hill addressed this situation years ago by creating an underpass on Major McKenzie Drive under the railway tracks


    1. Hi Steve, I agree, the underpass is much needed to move to 15 minute service.. As of today the only underpass that Metrolinx will be building is the Wellington St crossing.. The others will remain the same.

  3. Hello Tom
    Can you elaborate on the conversation about the underpasses? Are these intended to eliminate the crossings?

    1. Hi Ershad, The underpasses i was speaking of is pedestrian underpasses. There are nine areas that are identified as sections where pedestrians cross. Metrolinx has stated that they will not pay for underpasses for any of these areas. The only pedestrian underpasses they are building are the ones that they are currently building at the station.

      Crossings for vehicles will be staying. The only crossing that will change is the Wellington St crossing (grade seperation) so the street will go under the tracks… the other road crossings will remain levelled crossings.. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to call me 416-543-1624

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