Structural Reform of Regional Government

WHEREAS the focus of the recently completed Provincial review of Regional Governments was to explore reforms of Regional Government to promote improved Regional representation and streamlined decision- making through potential structural reforms including reductions in the number of members;And

WHEREAS the Municipal Act requires Regional Council to review, for each of its lower-tier municipalities, the number of members of its council that represent the lower-tier municipality and either affirm or change the composition by December 2020;And

WHEREAS the Regional Council composition review should build on the work of the Provincial Regional Government review by exploring model(s) that will best provide the most efficient and cost effective service delivery for our residents.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT as part of the Regional Council composition review report for Council’s consideration, staff consider structural reform of Regional Government by reducing the number of members of Regional Council from the current 21 members (11 Regional Councillors, 9 Mayors, and 1 Regional Chair) to a reduced Council of 10 members (9 Mayors and 1 Regional Chair); And

THAT the report be presented as part of the composition review report for Council’s consideration in time to implement any changes for the 2022 election.

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