The Mayor’s Council Update – July 14, 2020 (Part 2)

Also at this week’s Council meeting, Deputy Mayor Harold Kim and I co-sponsored a motion to establish an “Anti-Black Racism/Anti-Racism Task Force”.

Recent events across the GTA, Canada and the world have brought the issue of racism, especially anti-Black racism, and inclusion to the forefront of community discussions. This has highlighted the need for Aurora to amplify our efforts to intentionally create and support an inclusive community that celebrates our diversity and provides equal opportunity for all residents.

In 2018, The Town of Aurora endorsed a Diversity and Inclusion Charter, a signed commitment to creating an inclusive environment, “where everyone can participate freely in society and live with respect, dignity and freedom from discrimination…”, but we can do more. We must take meaningful action to stamp out racism and discrimination in all its forms to achieve change. The Town of Aurora must play its part. And I am proud that Council unanimously supported the creation of this task force.

We recognize that systemic barriers to full participation in our community continue to affect the lived experiences of Black Ontarians and this needs to change.

As mentioned at the table, this task force will develop strategies to eliminate anti-Black racism in our community. Town staff will work with Black community groups within Aurora and York Region to identify and develop priorities for the proposed task force, identify opportunities to increase Black community engagement and foster an increased public awareness of anti-Black racism.

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