The Mayor’s Council Update – March 30, 2021

Last night, Council unanimously passed the bylaws to designate 15 properties in our downtown core under part 4 of the the Heritage Act.

I have always believed we need to protect and preserve one of the most historically important heritage streetscapes in our Town. This process began last term through HAC and there were some challenges but we all worked together from the property owners  and the Town to agree on the designation.  Yes this area – the downtown core – has been identified for intensification and revitalization and to do that we need to bring people to the area. However, while there will be development, that development should be on our terms; development that respects our past while building our future… As we re-develop the downtown core we need to ensure that we have the proper measures, the proper mechanisms in place that will help protect our heritage and will allow us to keep what’s unique about Aurora alive for generations to come… Designating these properties is one such measure that will allow the Town to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the heritage of our Yonge St buildings…Bottom line, if we as a Council and Town cannot protect these properties then why protect any properties in Town at all ..

That is why I am proud of this Council for taking this final step that will see the transformation of our core into a destination for arts, culture, while showcasing the preservation of heritage and creating a unique downtown. #Leadershipthatgetsthingsdone

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  1. Can we please make the house/building on the west side of Yonge St. up high beyond retaining wall and steps a Heritage Site.

    I believe it was once a first hotel for Aurora. It has beautiful porch, style, and castle like roof lines.

    It stands beautiful even now, with magnificent Architecture. It would be ashamed if it went to be torn down or made a condominium. It should be enjoyed by all Auroreans in some capacity.

    Thank you.

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