Visiting Residents on Valley Cres…

Well it might be the long weekend but that doesn’t mean there is no time to go out and meet with residents of our great Town. I decided to visit residents on Valley Cres. Surprisingly most were home and I had some great conversations with many of them. It is great to hear the stories about Aurora and excitement that long term residents have for our Town. The residents here are very happy with the Town. They would, however, like to see more to do in the downtown core, and to that end for the second week – and second street – in a row, I heard about the excitement that residents have for the changes and vision for Library Sq!! Everyone is looking forward to those detailed designs..

I did have one issue, from a younger resident, that unfortunately I will not be able to resolve… While talking with this little girl’s parents, she jumped up and said “ I have an issue!!” I asked what is the issue and she went on to tell me that she would like me to get the birds to stop pooping on the front porch because they make such a mess!! Unfortunately I had to let her know that was one issue that I just can’t control.. It is great to see that our younger generation want to make sure that our neighbourhoods stay clean… 

Maybe I will see you on your street next week, but if you don’t you can always send me your issues or concerns at

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