Working Group Meeting with AG Yasir Naqvi

The Working Group on OMB reform met with Attorney General Yasir Naqvi and MPP Lou Rinaldi (The Parliamentary Asst to MMA). We had a great discussion on Bill 139 and the thoughts of municipalities re the proposed Bill. We shared some of our concerns; specifically, that while we all like the Bill, we would hate to see it watered-down as it goes through the legislative process. We believe that the proposed Bill as currently written will afford municipalities a greater say in land use planning decisions. It will allow municipalities to have a say – finally – in how we grow while at the same time keeping our communities unique.

We also spoke about the need to work on transitioning from the current structure to the new structure as outlined in proposed legislation, once it reaches royal assent and becomes law. Minister Naqvi thanked the Working Group for all the hard work that has been done to date on OMB reform and wants the Group to continue to work together; to put forward a submission on thoughts and recommendations with respect to how the transition could or would work best for municipalities. I am very encouraged that the Minister would like to keep an open dialogue with the Group as we work towards the end of the OMB and the beginning of a new land use planning decision-making structure. It was a very productive meeting and we look forward to continuing to work together with both Ministers to get this done. #OMBreform #GettingThingsDone #Letsmakethishappen

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  1. All fine and good bu too late for Highlands project.
    Funny how the Town of Oakville and their mayor stood behind the decision to oppose develop while our town and mayor Geoff Dawe just sat back to the very end and twiddled their thumbs.
    Pathetic Aurora.

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