YRT On-Demand Service

There have been many questions in regards to the Pilot on-demand service  that YRT has decided to try in Aurora, so I felt some background information for everyone would be great…. Aurora was chosen to participate in an on-demand pilot that focused on the Aurora GO Station. The goal is to alleviate the parking volumes, improve GO train connections and traveler convenience.

As part of this pilot, YRT is in the testing phase of a new self-serve, on-demand app, which will allow travelers to book spontaneous rides so they can travel when they want as opposed to a fixed schedule.

Now, many have asked why only this specific area for the pilot? The area to the east of the GO Station is served by a fixed route GO Shuttle bus and YRT did not want to duplicate services. The area chosen for the pilot however has limited, direct service to the GO Station.

The pilot is expected to continue until April/May 2019 at which time YRT anticipate having the ability to open up the service area. Throughout the pilot period, YRT staff will assess the travelers’ needs and make sure the app is functioning as it should. YRT will work with the community and Aurora staff to determine next steps. And as always I will keep everyone informed with updates right here.

Please give me a call if you would like to discuss this service in more detail 416-543-1624. Have a great day everyone.. 


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  1. Hi Mayor Mrakas. We heard about this pilot on CBC? recently. Thanks for posting more information about the pilot study as we weren’t quite sure from the radio clip (and I think it was also recently in the Aurora Banner) what this was about. We live in the area that was selected for the pilot -we found ourselves dumping the YRT option as service options are so limited. Particularly after 7pm. We like the GO Pool parking initiative – just a plug.

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