It is my sincere pleasure to endorse Mayor Tom Mrakas for re-election on behalf of The North Dance Company. As owner of The North Dance Company, a dance studio located in Aurora, I have had the pleasure to get to know Mr. Mrakas during the 2 years we have been in business.

Choosing a location for a business like The North is an important process. Focused on the education of children, it was important that the town where we are located be one with a strong sense of community. Tom Mrakas consistently engages with the community, residents, and business in Aurora. His leadership has given us confidence that we can trust our community and can continue to thrive as a company. Opening The North in 2020, we relied on Mr. Mrakas to stay current with all regulations placed on our business. His knowledge, leadership, and generosity with his time make Mr. Mrakas the ideal candidate as Mayor of Aurora. In short, we are confident Mr. Mrakas is the leadership our community needs to continue effectively navigating these evolving times.