Track Record

Leadership that gets things done!

motions brought
with majority support

Having a vision is wonderful but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get it done. Residents deserve better than the status quo – leadership that promises a lot and delivers nothing.

Residents deserve leadership that delivers!

Over the course of two terms of Council I have brought forward 57 motions, 52 of which had the majority support of my colleagues. That’s 52 innovative possibilities, 52 solutions to issues that matter most to residents. I have demonstrated that I have the critical leadership capability that residents expect — Leadership That Gets Things Done!

From protecting our environment to preserving Aurora’s heritage properties, from getting the most out of your tax dollars to protecting our right to decide how, when or if our community grows, I have a proven track record of getting things done for Aurora.

Leadership that cares

Honouring community volunteers

Honouring our past community leaders

Improving safety for residents who buy and sell in the online marketplace

Leadership that's engaged

Revitalizing our downtown core

Enhancing sport and recreation opportunities

Protecting property rights

Creating new community events

Improving the Town Sign By-law

Restricting door-to-door sales

Leadership that gets results

Reducing the tax levy

Investigating options to address impacts of vacant homes

Recommending a hiring freeze on new hires

Improving winter maintenance service levels

Implementing a “Vacant and Derelict” building By-law to address property standards and/or poorly maintained properties

Implementing a strategy for addressing empty store fronts and vacant industrial properties

Mitigating future project cost over runs