Social Media Policy

Although I maintain my social media and website regularly, my moderation capabilities are not 24/7. I am always pleased to hear from residents by email or on social media but due to the high volumes of messages and tagging on social media I receive I cannot always respond as quickly as I’d like.  In order to give your communication the attention it deserves please email me at [email protected] and either myself or my office will respond.  I always look forward to engaging with the Aurora community and having meaningful discussions that help shape and make Aurora the great Town it is.

If you follow me on any social media site (including my website), anticipate posts covering:

  • Council and committee activities,
  • Special events in our town,
  • News releases and other communications, and
  • Updates about new content on my website.

Your participation and feedback are welcome! I encourage comments that are:

  • Focused and relevant to the posts,
  • Respectful,
  • Accurate (spreading misleading or false information is prohibited), and
  • Considerate of others’ privacy, avoiding inclusion of full names, phone numbers, email addresses, case numbers, or other sensitive and personally identifiable information.
I reserve the right to remove TAGS. Users who repeatedly and/or purposefully use tagging inappropriately or excessively may be temporarily or permanently banned/blocked, preventing access to my social media accounts and website.

I reserve the right to remove comments violating these guidelines. Comments meeting any of the conditions below may be removed. Users who repeatedly and/or purposefully violate these rules may be temporarily or permanently banned/blocked, preventing access to my social media accounts and website.

A comment may be removed if it contains, but is not limited to:

  • Vulgar or hateful language or libelous statements,
  • Profanity, obscenity, or vulgarity (including masked words, e.g. ***),
  • Defamations of a person or people,
  • Name-calling or personal attacks,
  • Hostile or intimidating language,
  • Remarks with the sole purpose of selling a product or making a commercial endorsement,
  • Promotional or spam materials,
  • References to Town employees by name,
  • Any other comments deemed inappropriate,
  • Unrelated to Town services, programs, or projects or are unintelligible or irrelevant
  • Unrelated to the subject of the post the comment was made on (Off-Topic)
  • Unproven or inaccurate factual claims (disinformation),
  • Obscene or pornographic,
  • Duplicate or spam content (the same comment posted verbatim multiple times in a post).

You may face temporary or permanent ban/block, prohibiting access to my social media accounts and website for the following reasons:

  • If your profile is not a real name/Parody or a fake/duplicate account
  • If you are NOT an individual (Page or Group, etc.)
  • If you are NOT a resident/business/taxpayer of the Town of Aurora
  • Soliciting followers by direct message